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We help small business owners make more money.

A community that offers expert led masterclasses, an award-winning media library, and access to discounted service providers.

Ready to grow your business?

Gain practical knowledge.
Build business relationships.
Make more money.

Join our exclusive community to access live masterclasses, business resources, and discounted service providers….

PLUS thousands of dollars in free business services.

Here's everything included in The SB

Your SB membership gives you everything you need to take the right steps in your business and use the right people every step of the way.

  • Get connected with vetted, trusted service providers at exclusive discounted prices to help you implement the next steps in your business. 

  • Talk to a small business consultant whenever you need help to make the best decision and get the right help.

  • Keep your business moving forward faster, without wasting money.

 What's included with your membership:

As soon as you join The SB, you’ll have immediate access to:

  • Monthly Masterclasses and Networking Events.

  • Small Business Templates, Guides, and Manuals.

  • Access to our Members-Only Business Training Library. ($1,000+ Value)

  • Ongoing access to our Business Service Coaches to meet your needs in real time. ($1,000 value)

Over $4,250 in total value when you join!

Get everything included when you join the SB for only...

$199/Month or $1,800/Year

What would you pay for confidence, knowing you are always making the best decisions and investments in your business?

You’ve made the brave decision to take control of your life and set out on the path to build a business that gives you the time, money, and freedom that you’ve always wanted. 


You have some vision of what success looks like and you’re ready to make it happen...


Now, you need help getting to that next level. 

And you know you can’t do everything by yourself. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day and what needs to be done is outside of your expertise. That means you need to partner with someone who can do it for you.




Who can you trust?


How can you know you’re not getting ripped off?


How do you know if you’re hiring the right people or agency to help you?


How do you know you’ll make the best investment and you’ll get everything you wanted, right the first time?


And how do you know it will all work?


When your limited resources of time and money are on the line, you need to know exactly who to use to help you get to the next level in your specific business.


You don’t need more fluff advice, shallow tactics, or overpriced services that don’t quite give you the help you need.


You need a personal plan to hire the right help that can virtually guarantee your success, giving you the confidence to put your money where it will be most effective. You need to avoid costly mistakes and know exactly what to do next every step of the way.


When you join The SB, you’ll know right away exactly what to do next, who to use to help you do it, and you can trust your hard earned money is being invested in the right place.


Imagine what your business is about to become…


See you on the inside!


Without the right help, your business can remain stuck.

The biggest frustration with most business owners is knowing the right thing to do next and who to help them do it.


Here’s the problem:

  • Do you know if you’re actually investing in the right solution your business needs right now?

  • Do you know who to trust to help you do it right, the first time, without wasting your money (and possibly months of time and effort)?

Let us help you to navigate and make the best decisions on your business journey.

How it works.

Sign up today and get immediate access to The SB and all your free services.

1. Join The SB

2. Grow with confidence.

Get connected with the right help, right away to grow your business.

3. Make your first million.

Reach your biggest goals faster and avoid wasting money.

Try One of Our Vetted Service Providers
Get Up to 50% Off Of Discounted Service Providers


Here’s how we do it:

The SB Match™ Process:

  1. Fill out The SB Assessment.

  2. One of our small business experts will call you to assess your needs.

  3. The SB Match: We’ll connect you with a discounted, vetted service provider who is perfectly matched to meet your needs.

For example…

Jan goes at it alone: 

Jan needs a website and goes out and finds Jeff on Fiverr who charges her $200 an hour. He says it would take 2 months, but it ends up taking 6 months, costing her 40% more, but even after that, it still didn’t meet her needs and goals. Now, she has to repeat the process, having lost valuable time and money, hoping it doesn’t happen again.  

Sue uses the SB:

Sue needs a website, decides to go through The SB, and finds Bill, a professional, vetted, discounted web developer whose normal rate was $250 an hour, but is offered at $125 an hour through her SB membership. Bill says the project will take 2 months, and finishes on time and on budget. Sue loves her new website and her business moves forward smoothly.


Don’t be Jan. Be Sue.

We’ll save you months of work and thousands of dollars every year just by helping you find...

  • The right web developer or marketing professional.

  • The right accountant.

  • The right person to get your brand message right.

  • The right general contractor.

  • The right social media marketer.

  • The right ads expert.

  • The right business consultant.

  • The right people to hire.

  • And more...

When you find the right people to help you, it will make you more profitable and you’ll grow faster.

We know how hard it can be to grow a business.

In fact, we have already helped over 20,000 entrepreneurs...

Roderick C. Testimonial
Jenn B. Image
Andrew and Alfonso Testimonial

Roderick C. gained clarity and now runs one of the top nonprofits in his region.

Jennifer B. launched two successful businesses: one reaching over $3 million in revenue within the first 12 months.

After finishing our accelerator, both Alfonso and Andrew's companies more than quadrupled their revenues and Andrew became Business of the Year at his local chamber.

Here’s our BOLD motivation behind all this:

We’re on a mission to help 1,000,000 businesses reach 7 figures in revenue by 2025...and we can only do it if you succeed.


Do you want to be the next million dollar business success story?

"The SB Promise"

You’ll get the best help for all your business needs, guaranteed.

We guarantee:

  • Support to grow your business with monthly, EXPERT LED MASTERCLASSES. 

  • ON DEMAND CONTENT within our SB Library, that you can access at any time.

  • Only highly QUALIFIED SERVICE PROVIDERS who are capable of delivering the best service.

  • The SB Match™: You will only work with service providers who are PERFECTLY MATCHED for your specific needs and business.

What to Expect Inside The SB...
  • Once you join the SB, you’ll need to check for upcoming events to attend. 

  • Then review The SB Library for relevant trainings and seminars to help your small business. . 

  • From there get access to consultants that will begin helping you take the first, or next, step to set up your business and start growing it, revealing the best, most predictable path to your desired success. 

  • As you implement each step, we’ll connect you with the right service providers and professionals to help do things right the first time, without wasting your time and money on trial and error, overpriced solutions, or someone you don’t trust.

  • Whenever you hit a wall in your business, our business consultants are available to walk you through any difficulty with clear direction and action.

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