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The Velocity Company Announces an $8 Million Investment into the Small Business Community for Q1 2024


The Velocity Company Announces an $8 Million Investment into the Small Business Community for Q1 2024

Atlanta, GA – 02/06/2024 – The Velocity Company, at the forefront of small business growth and innovation, proudly announces a landmark investment of $8 million into the small business community for the first quarter of 2024. This substantial commitment underscores the company's dedication to empowering entrepreneurs and bolstering the backbone of the American economy.

$1 Million Investment Initiative through the Small Business Success Fund

The Velocity Company launches an ambitious $1 million investment initiative through the Small Business Success Fund, aimed at supporting and advancing small businesses. This initiative is segmented into three strategic parts:

1. Small Business Success Grants:

  • $300,000 allocated for grants, covering half the costs of the SB incubator program, which includes mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities.

2. Service-Based Lines of Credit:

  • $600,000 in service-based lines of credit for use with SB-approved vendors, extending the reach of our previous $2 million initiative for practical business development.

3. The SB Nation Online Platform:

  • $100,000 dedicated to creating 'The SB Nation,' an online platform designed to provide comprehensive support for small businesses. This platform will offer free resources, educational content, funding partner access, and essential business services.

An Additional $7 Million for Small Business Day

In a groundbreaking initiative, The Velocity Company invests an additional $7 million in free resources at the Small Business Day event, the nation’s premier startup launch event. This investment will equip startups and entrepreneurs with critical tools and resources for their business ventures.

Total Q1 Investment of $8 Million

The combination of the Small Business Success Fund and Small Business Day investments brings The Velocity Company's total contribution to the small business community in Q1 2024 to $8 million. This investment highlights our unwavering commitment to stimulating economic growth and innovation.

A Word from The Velocity Company’s CEO, J.R. McNair: “Our $8 million investment in the small business sector reflects our belief in the transformative power of entrepreneurship. The Small Business Success Fund and Small Business Day are just the start of our long-term strategy to nurture a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem,” stated J.R. McNair, CEO of The Velocity Company.

About The Velocity Company

The Velocity Company, Inc., based in Atlanta, GA, is a leader in providing business incubation services, events, and resources. With a mission to empower small businesses, the company runs the nation's top Small Business Incubator, The SB, and organizes the Small Business Day, a key event for business launches.

For more information about The Velocity Company’s initiatives and investment details, or to register for Small Business Day, visit or contact

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